Poster 3. F-AG Workshop

Accessing, Analysing and Deposting// Research with digital speech and textdata is a challenge for the humanities and social sciences:

  • Research results should be reproducible and accessible for a long time
  • Primary data and results should be accessible for further analysis, and easy to locate, and
  • for analyzing many automized tools are available - they should be used according to standard methods.

The research infrastructure of CLARIN-D supports the humanities and social sciences in making their digital resources available. This is sustainable, open and interoperable.

At the third workshop of the CLARIN-D discipline specific working groups, scholars of various disciplines meet together to exchange perspetives of using digital infrastructures. The focus is the development of common methods and best practices for the digital humanities. The discipline specific working groups invite interested parties to join this workshop in Leipzig from June 30th to July 1st, 2015.



LT for DH: Language Technology Resources and Tools for Digital Humanities Workshop at the COLING 2016

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The Kick-Off-Event of development and expansion of CLARIN-D took place Thursday 3rd of November 2016 and Friday, 4th of November 2016 at the Mediencampus in Leipzig.

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Forum CA3 2016

During the Forum CA3 2016, CLARIN-D presented its tools for accessing, analysing and archiving language resources for research and teaching in humanities and social sciences.

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The CLARIN newslettters from 2011 to 2015 can now be found in the archive.

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