Division of Labour among the CLARIN-D Centres 

The CLARIN-D Centres collectively collaborate on developing and running a research infrastructure for the Humanities and Social Sciences. This includes the following aspects:

  • Every CLARIN-D Centre operates and maintains a repository of research data. The data is archived and maintained there in a citable way. CLARIN centres try to make the research data openly accessible. Where rights of third parties are affected, the centres use defined access procedures. The research data may consist of reference data, either created by the centre or other parties. CLARIN-D centres assist in data management for those parties for which they host research data.
  • All data sets in the CLARIN-D repositories receive unique and permanent identifiers according to DIN ISO 24619 (2018). The identifiers can be used for referencing research data from the publication onwards and in all academic areas such as research and teaching.
  • Every CLARIN-D centre provides cataloguing information on the research data hosted by their repository. They utilize standardized access interfaces over the Internet. This makes the data accessible via cataloguing applications such as the Virtual Language Observatory (VLO).
  • Every CLARIN-D centre offers additional services for the research community, depending on their expertise. This may include analysis and annotation tools, search functionalities for their data, teaching material, consulting services, standards and procedures, data management plan support, and many others.

To illustrate the different specializations and the planned resources of the individual centres, we provide a summary of the working plan until 2020, including the number of person months allocated to these tasks per work package. This includes contributions by the federal ministry of science and by the individual centres. This list can only be a first indication and is not legally binding. The plans are adjusted according to the needs. Another point of access to the specializations can be found in the list of competences at Find a CLARIN centre

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  CLARIN-D Centre  
Sum of person months (planned) 94,5 243 216 334,5 48 96 190,5 94,5 1317
PM in data referring to the past 0 125,5 3 0 0 0 0 0 128,5
PM in data referring to the present 48,5 3 71 44,5 13 39 28 18 265
PM in the area of collaboration with the humanities' disciplines, especially the digital humanities 23 61 83 98 19 19 18 24,5 345,5
PM in the technical infrastructure 18 48,5 54 115 11 33 139,5 47 466
PM in the coordination of the consortium, nationally and internationally 5 5 5 77 5 5 5 5 112