CLARIN helps

Within CLARIN-D there are many possibilities for users to get support. The user-guide offers information about all areas. There is a FAQ. If that isn't helping there is the possibility to use the contact form. To help with legal issues there is a special area.



The FAQ are currently available in German only.



Legal information platform

Further notice

Supporting Researchers of Humanities and Social Sciences is an important matter to CLARIN-D. As an infrastructure that backs all empirical and hermeneutic research CLARIN-D supports all phases of research.:

  • Accessing, get and process data for the research
  • Analysing data
  • Visualisation of the results
  • Making data available
  • Archive data

The User-Guide and the FAQs are supporting users. A very complex field are the ethical and legal issues regarding the research. Therefore an information-platform was created to help users with their issues about copyright, intellectual property and agreement of the participating persons. This was written by legal experts but can't be seen as a bonding advise.

Further questions are transmitted to an expert via a contact form in a ticket-system. So users have direct access to expert-knowledge.