Data Management Plan

One of the guidelines for good scientific practice concerns the management of research data that is produced and analysed in the course of research projects. Funding organisations for research increasingly expect researchers to devise a data management plan that specifies an entire life cycle for research data, from creation to interpretation, data documentation and description, short-term storage as well as long-term archiving and data re-use. Research results should be reproducible, and the usage of data in new contexts and studies should be facilitated. There is a consensus that all research data produced in publicly-funded projects should be archived for ten years, at least. Research projects in the Humanities and in the Social Sciences that produce and use language-related data can profit from the CLARIN-D research infrastructure. CLARIN-D offers a number of services to manage research data in a sustainable manner, and to make it accessible to fellow scientists.

To support researchers in writing data management plans necessary for applying for funds, we have devised a Data Management Plan wizard called DMPTY that helps applicants to address the requirements for archiving and re-use. 


The data management plan serves the purpose of describing the data that is used in a project and who is meant to receive and archive it. The following web-based wizard guides researchers through a process that covers all relevant aspects of sustainable data management in nine steps. At the end of the last step, a text document is created, that can be further edited with a standard text processing software (Word, LaTeX and RTF are supported).

To use the wizard, please use the navigation elements of the web forms, and at all cost avoid using the browser's 'BACK' and 'FORWARD' buttons. Never 'RELOAD' the current page, or 'CLOSE' the browser before completing all steps and obtaining the document. Otherwise, all of the data entered will be lost. Therefore, please input all data during a single browser session.

Also note that some fields come with placeholder text. Placeholders are not automatically entered into the final document and serve only to show an example text.

Since you have selected the English version of the CLARIN-D homepage, the wizard will help you with composing an English data management plan. In case you prefer the German data management plan wizard, change the language setting to German.