CLARIN-D Legal Helpdesk

The CLARIN-D Legal Helpdesk offers the following general information regarding legal questions in language-based research:

CLARIN Legal Terms, Agreements and Licenses

Based on their licenses, CLARIN language resources can be divided into three categories:

  • CLARIN PUB (may be distributed publicly)
  • CLARIN ACA (may be accessed only for research purposes)
  • CLARIN RES (has additional restrictions, which require permission from rights holders)

For more information on these categories and well-known licenses (such as Creative Commons) which correspond to the categories, see here.

For more on CLARIN Deposition License Agreements (DELA), End-User License Agreements (EULA), and Terms of Service (TOS), see here.

It is up to the individual member institutions and consortium partners within CLARIN-D to choose the license for their resources. To maintain legal protection of CLARIN and CLARIN-D as service providers, the legal issues team of CLARIN-D cannot provide legal review of resources or give legal advice.

The legal issues team does, however, maintain the CLARIN-D Legal Issues Platform (below), which contains general information on legal issues that affect language science, as well as engage in research and publications on these issues.



Content created, developed, and fine-tuned on the Legal Information Platform is, in stages, finalised as formal publications. In 2013, Ketzan co-authored a book with chapters on legal issues, and Ketzan and Kamocki together published on data privacy issues for oral interviews. More publications are in the works and in various stages of completion.

  • M. Beurskens, P. Kamocki, E. Ketzan. 2014. Implied Consent: A Silent Revolution in Digital Copyright Law. U.S., German and French Perspectives. Revue Internationale du Droit d'Auteur, no. 238 (Feb 2014), pp. 2-108 (in English, Spanish and French).
  • H. Enke, N. Fiedler, T. Fischer, T. Gnadt, E. Ketzan, J. Ludwig, T. Rathmann, G. Stöckle, F. Schintke. 2013. Leitfaden zum Forschungsdaten-Management ("Guidelines for research data management"). Verlag Werner Hülsbusch, Glückstadt. Available under Creative Commons license here.

  • J. Bücker, S. Drude, D. Jung, P. Kamocki, E. Ketzan, C. Purschke, A. Redder, T. Schmidt. 2014. "Informationen zu rechtlichen Aspekten bei der Erhebung mündlicher Korpora" ("Legal aspects of interviews/surveys for spoken corpora"). (publication imminent).

CLIC White Paper Series

The CLARIN Legal Issues Committee (CLIC) White Paper Series is a venue for the open access publication of commentary and scholarship on legal issues and language science under the editorial direction of the CLIC.

- Erik Ketzan (IDS) -
- Pawel Kamocki (IDS) -



Information provided by the CLARIN-D Legal Information Platform and Legal Helpdesk should not be regarded as legal advice (German: "rechtliche Beratung"). This information is prepared by researchers and legal scholars on issues affecting language resources; we do not respond to specific legal inquiries from researchers. Legal decisions by researchers should be made in conjunction with each partner's home institution, director and legal department. Always consult a lawyer when making a decision that could affect your rights.